Response Boxes

Picture of BeexyBox Type B

We've developed a powerful and highly configurable USB response box, named the BeexyBox. The BeexyBox uses high quality Cherry MX based push-buttons. Our standard button is the Cherry MX blue which is a clicky push-button with tactile feedback. On request other button types may be used. For instance Cherry MX brown (not clicky) or red (not clicky, no tactile feedback). Each button is fitted with a LED that can be controlled from your experiment.

The response box on the picture shows a box with three custom placed buttons. You can have up to 10 buttons on this device.

BeexyBox Type B

Picture of BeexyBox Type B with 4 buttons



  • Ergonomic design, sloped case
  • Long life push-buttons with tactile and clicky feedback (optionally non-tactile and/or silent)
  • Custom number of buttons (1..10) and custom placement of buttons
  • Each push-button fitted with a LED
  • Beeper for presenting attention signals
  • Voice-key for detecting vocal response times
  • USB interface
  • RS-232 interface to accommodate longer distances than possible with USB
  • 2 digital outputs for generating trigger signals
  • 1 analog input (2.5V), 1 analog input/output (2.5V)
  • Can also function as a Human Interface Device (i.e. a keyboard, mouse or joystick)
  • Sub-millisecond synchronization with host computer's clock (see user's guide for details)
  • Cases

    Ergonomic case (standard):

    Picture of large sloped box (no buttons)

    Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm]: 220 x 140 x 46.5/20.7
    Dimensions (WxDxH) [inch]: 8.66 x 5.51 x 1.83/0.82

    Alternative case (on request):

    Picture of large box (no buttons)

    Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm]: 220 x 140 x 40
    Dimensions (WxDxH) [inch]: 8.66 x 5.51 1.58


    BeexyBox Type X

    Drawing of man soldering

    This is an instrument device (i.e. input/output device) which will allow you to for example to control lights in a typical infant head-turn preference environment or to send out triggers to other devices, or for reading sensors.


  • USB interface
  • RS485 interface for controlling up to 31 slave devices
  • 10 digital outputs (TTL-level)
  • 10 digital inputs (TTL-level)
  • 10 configurable input/output lines
  • 2 analog DC inputs
  • 2 analog AC inputs
  • 1 analog AC output
  • Sub-millisecond synchronization with host computer's clock
  • Same command set as BeexyBox Type B
  • Picture of BeexyBox Type X



    The BeexyBox comes with the folowing documentation:

  • BeexyBox Type B User Manual
  • BeexyBox Type X User Manual
  • BeexyBox Type B Timing Measurements (also applies to Type X)
  • Bxymonitor User Manual (utility for configuring, monitoring and testing BeexyBox devices)
  • BeexyBox Programming Manual (in progress)