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Zep is a system for implementing and running (psycholinguistic) experiments. Zep delivers auditory, visual and cross modal stimuli, and provides interfacing with external hardware such as eye-trackers and button boxes. It is based on a multipurpose programming language (also called Zep) which enables you to implement not only experiments but other applications as well.

Main features

Zep doesn't provide a point 'n click interface for building experiments. It's a programming system1):

  • Multipurpose programming language
  • Object oriented & Event driven
  • Modular setup
  • Experiments usually implemented by example
  • Runs on Linux & Windows (MacOS coming)
  • Free software

Experiment templates

Zep comes with a long list of ready to run experiment scripts. Here are some types of experiments covered:

  • Visual/Auditory Lexical Decision
  • Auditory Discrimination/Identification
  • Speech Monitoring
  • Speech Production
  • Self-Paced Reading/Listening
  • Memory Span, Interference
  • Visual Processing (eye-tracking)
  • Infant Attention (head turning etc)
Using Zep may cause you to grow some chest hair. ;-)
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