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Experiment Templates

Zep comes with a set of ready-made experiment scripts. We have grouped them by paradigm. See the list below. How to install and run an experiment is explained in Installing an Experiment. How to change the design, structure or other details of a typical experiment is explained in the How-tos.

Packages (ZIP files)

Experiment scripts are packaged as ZIP file. There's one ZIP file for each individual experiment.1) Some experiments come in different flavors. You have the base experiment (the generic version), then there can be alternative versions, extended versions and derived versions.

Generic version

This is the vanilla or base version of the experiment. For most experiment types no other flavors are available. These experiment scripts use a within-subjects design. The global structure of most scripts is:

  • welcome
  • instructions
  • practice
  • pause
  • test
  • thank-you

Alternative version

An alternative version of an experiment is basically the same as its generic version, but it is either a different implementation of the same thing or it implements a slightly different procedure. If the generic version's experiment folder is called foobar then the first alternative version is called foobar_a1. The second alternative if any is called foobar_a2, and so on.

Extended version

An extended version of an experiment is also basically the same as its generic version, but it includes additions such as the definition of participant groups or shuffling stimulus items according to certain criteria, things like that. If the generic version's experiment folder is called foobar then the first extended version is called foobar_x1. The second is called foobar_x2, and so on.

Derived version

A derived or specialized version of an experiment is based on its generic version so it implements more or less the same paradigm, but other than that it is a different kind of experiment.

Implemented experiments

Here's a list of experiment implementations you can download from this website.2) Be sure to read the disclaimer below. If you have questions about a script just ask.

    • Visual Lexical Decision
    • Visual Lexical Decision with Visual Priming
    • Visual Lexical Decision with Auditory Priming
    • Auditory Lexical Decision
    • Auditory Lexical Decision with Visual Priming
    • Auditory Lexical Decision with Auditory Priming
    • Same-Different Auditory Discrimination (AX)
    • Match-to-sample Auditory Discrimination (ABX)
    • Match-to-sample Auditory Discrimination (AXB)
    • Match-to-sample Auditory Discrimination (XAB)
    • Two-Interval Forced-Choice Auditory Discrimination (2IFC)
    • Four-Interval Same-Different Auditory Discrimination (4IAX)
    • Four-Interval Oddity Auditory Discrimination (4IOddity)
    • Continuous Scale Auditory Similarity Judgement
    • Pure-tone Duration Discrimination (2IFC)
    • Pure-tone Frequency Discrimination (2IFC)
    • Pure-tone Loudness Discrimination (2IFC)
    • Just Notable Difference
    • Auditory Identification with Yes-No Response
    • Auditory Identification with Forced-Choice Response
    • Auditory Identification with Coninuous Scale Response
    • Auditory Identification with Open-Set Response
    • Word Spotting
    • Rhyme Monitoring
    • Phoneme Monitoring
    • Category Monitoring
    • Word Naming
    • Picture Naming
    • Picture-picture Interference
    • Read Speech Eliciting
    • Speech Shadowing
    • Unintentional Vocal Imitation
    • Story Completion (Sentence Production)
    • Spontaneous Speech Eliciting
    • Line Length Magnitude Estimation
    • Auditory Magnitude Estimation
    • Self-Paced Reading with Stationary Window
    • Self-Paced Reading with Moving Window
    • Self-Paced Reading with Cumulative Window
    • Self-Paced Listening with Moving Window
    • Reading Span
    • Visual Forward Digit Span
    • Visual Backward Digit Span
    • Auditory Forward Digit Span
    • Auditory Backward Digit Span
    • Visual Reaction Time
    • Auditory Reaction Time
    • Visual Go/No-Go Reaction Time
    • Auditory Go/No-Go Reaction Time
    • Visual Choice Reaction Time
    • Auditory Choice Reaction Time
    • Stroop Task
    • Simon Task
    • Text Reading
    • Single Image Visual World
    • Two Image Visual World
    • Four Image Visual World
    • Head-turn Preference Procedure
    • Preferential Looking Paradigm
    • Visual Fixation Procedure (auditory discrimination)
    • Switch Procedure (word-object association)
    • Single Visual Target Preferential Listening (using eye-tracking)
    • Non-adjacent Dependency Learning (HPP)
    • Play List of Sound Files


All experiment scripts provided on this site are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). They are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but with absolutely no warranty.

It is your responsibility to carefully study and test each script before using it for your research.

Prior to Zep version 1.8 there was one experiment package per paradigm. So experiment packages could contain multiple experiments.
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