Welcome to the new Zep wiki

Zep is an experiment control application for experimental psycholinguistic and other fields.
This wiki describes how to use Zep 2, provides experiment templates that will run out of the box, and helps you creating and adapting your own experiment scripts. This wiki also presents ZepMan, the GUI for managing and running Zep experiments.

This wiki is work in progress

Zep 2 is a complete overhaul of Zep 1. The new Zep 2 experiment templates are slightly different from those for Zep 1. Also running an experiment using ZepMan is different. Therefore we decided to describe the new situation in this new wiki.

If you are looking for Zep 1 experiment templates or documentation please visit the Zep 1 wiki. Also for most red links you can usually just look up the same link in the Zep 1 wiki.