What is ZepMan?

ZepMan is a front-end for the stand-alone Zep script interpreter. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing experiment databases and running experiment sessions. ZepMan makes experimenting using Zep much more convenient. If you work with Zep you'll definitely want ZepMan.

  • opening existing experiment folders
  • installing experiment packages (planned)
  • creating experiment packages (planned)
  • defining custom attributes for all types of database records
  • managing participant, researcher, experiment, group and session records
  • running experiment sessions
  • extracting experiment results as CSV file(s)
  • merging databases (planned)
  • checking Zep installation
  • running miscellaneous Zep tests
  • keeping a logbook (planned)


ZepMan comes in the following editions:

  • Researcher edition. For individual researchers and labs.
  • Researcher edition evaluation version. For individuals who want to evaluate the researcher edition. Free.
  • Student edition. For students who want to prepare or test their experiments. Free.
  • Classroom edition. To be used in computer rooms (e.g. for teaching Zep).

The free editions and the classroom edition have some built-in restrictions:

edition database restrictions max. monitors IO plug-ins eye-tracker plug-ins
Researcher evaluation version yes1) unlimited no no
Student yes1) 1 no no
Classroom no 2 no2) no2)

1) Max. 3 researcher records, 10 participant records and 50 session records.
2) Upon request a customized version with support for specific plug-ins can be delivered. Contact info@beexy.nl to learn more.